Kiss The Ground – The Solution Is In The Soil

Kiss The Ground is a book written by Josh Tickell. Tickell is an author, film director, speaker, and expert on sustainability and the climate.  As in The Soil Will Save Us, this book explains how the soil can slow or reverse climate change. But it’s more than that, it shows us that changing our food buying habits […]

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soil as a carbon and runoff sink

The Soil Will Save Us

Regenerative agriculture is the only savior remaining for modern civilization and many plant and animal species. Rebuilding the soil will save us by reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Why do I say that? Because, rebuilding the soil is key for carbon sequestration, controlling erosion and runoff, increasing groundwater retention, slowing down sea-level encroachment, reducing chemical […]

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food grade hydrogen peroxide

What Is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

What Is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?That was the question I asked myself when I first read about using food grade hydrogen peroxide to discourage mold from growing on my sunflower microgreen seeds. Is the peroxide I bought from the drug store so my daughters could clean their pierced ears food grade?  If not, what’s the difference? Will […]

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how plants work book review

How Plants Work Book Review – A Must Read

Gardening is more than throwing seeds or plants in the ground and hoping everything works out. Having a basic knowledge of plant biology and some idea of how your plants will react to changes you’ve made in the garden will save you time and future frustration. The book How Plants Work – The Science Behind the Amazing […]

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permaculture ethics and principals

What is Permaculture? An Abridged Explanation

What is Permaculture? An Abridged ExplanationPermaculture is not only a vast subject, but each practitioner has their definition and approach to the ethics and principals that encompass the practice. A full-blown explanation of permaculture would fill a book. In this article, we provide an abridged summary of the ethics and principals behind permaculture.Click to Expand Image. […]

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coconut coir types

What is Coconut Coir? Can It Be Used as a Garden Amendment

What is Coconut CoirCoconut Coir, or coco coir, is becoming more popular as a soil-less planting media for indoor gardeners and microgreen growers.  In the simplest terms, coir is the husk of coconuts that have been processed (shredded) into a soil-like consistency. Very similar to peat moss, in fact, sometimes coir is called coco peat.  But can […]

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